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Melissa LeMar

I teach effective communication techniques to parents of children with substance use disorder so the family has the best path to recovery.

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As a parent who has experienced the challenges of having an adult child struggling with opiate addiction, I understand the pain, confusion, and helplessness parents may face.


I am dedicated to transforming the relationship between parents and their child in active drug use; the primary way I help is by teaching parents and children effective communication techniques for navigating those challenging conversational waters. 

These communication techniques will teach you how to connect with your child on a deeper level, fostering compassion, understanding, and empathy. No longer will you have to feel alone or overwhelmed with not knowing what to do; together, we will break down the barriers of stigma and judgment. I stand for healing, connection, and transformation. Join me on this journey of hope.


About Melissa

Melissa LeMar is a speaker who authentically connects with audiences, shares valuable insights, and ignites powerful conversation. She is a compassionate advocate ready to bring her expertise and genuine passion to your event.

With a Master’s Degree in communication, along with certificates in both Conflict Resolution and Leadership & Human Relations, Melissa possesses a solid academic foundation that underpins her extensive knowledge in the field. Her thesis, “Overcoming Stigma with Dialogue: My Experiences as a Parent of an Opiate Addict,” showcases her commitment to breaking down barriers of this stigmatized condition and fostering understanding.

What truly sets Melissa apart is her ability to seamlessly blend this professional expertise with her relatable, down-to-earth personality. As a happily married wife of 33 years, a mother of two adult children, (and now a doting grandmother), , Melissa deeply understands the complexities of family dynamics and the unique challenges faced by parents and family members.


By inviting Melissa to your event, you’re not just hiring a speaker; you are gaining a trusted guide, compassionate ally, and catalyst for positive change. You are starting a conversation that will inspire, educate, and transform your audience. She will bring change to take you on a powerful journey of insight and understanding, and bring hope to situations that can feel so hopeless.

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Parents of adult children with substance-use disorder can feel like they’re struggling to keep their head above water. They say when drowning, the best practice is to slow down and inhale enough of a breath to keep yourself afloat. Melissa offers the haven for audiences to do just that. In the tumultuous waters of addiction, Melissa’s calm, captivating, credible approach equips parents with the tools to help their children without getting pulled under themselves.

Onstage, her peaceful demeanor and engaging speaking style combined with her genuine passion for empowering individuals and families creates an atmosphere of serenity, connection, and authenticity that leaves a lasting impact. Offstage, Melissa’s compassionate nature shines through as she advocates for equality and works tirelessly to combat the stigma surrounding addiction. 

If you could use a lifeline, book Melissa for your next event.


Melissa's Talks

Finding Hope in Chaos: Empowering Families Through Out

In this empowering speech, parents of children in active use will learn practical communication strategies to navigate the challenges they face.


This talk offers valuable guidance and tools to rebuild connections, foster understanding, and provide much-needed support on the path to recovery.


Finding Hope in Conflict: Empowering Families to Do Conflict Well

Conflict can be scary and few of us learned to do it well. Uncover the magic of “Open the Front Door” conflict resolution technique—a simple yet powerful way to solve problems and make relationships better.


In this special speech, you’ll learn how to separate facts from story-telling, recognize and address our feelings, and effectively vocalize our wants. When practicing these principles, conflicts are no longer roadblocks, but stepping stones toward understanding and growth. Discover how conflict can bring us closer!

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More from Melissa


Jessica H. Blanchard

“Communication is scary, Melissa’s delivery model gave me practical tools that I implemented immediately with my daughter. These tools changed the entire “vibe” of the conversation from (typically) accusatory to understanding and compassionate.”

Brandon Freeman, CEO & Creative Producer
Flying Fedora Film, LLC

"Melissa taught me a conflict technique which centers around dialogue that de-escalates emotions and organizes observations, thoughts, feelings, and desires into an intentional conversational flow. This tool, in addition to helping me navigate my own interpersonal conflicts, has helped me equip my trans son to navigate speaking his truth and managing his mental health. I am indebted to Melissa for her insight, compassion, and empathy."
Image by CDC

"We have multiple millions of people with opioid use disorder and that's not something you can simply make go away. We are as a country in for bad times for years to come."

Jonathan Caulkins, addiction policy researcher at Carnegie Mellon University

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